Suitable for higher traffic areas

Our water hog mats are specifically designed for high traffic areas such as construction sites and apartment lobbys.

High density nylon with raised rubber edging

Nylon offers you the best printing result. The raised rubber edges help keeping the dirt in the matting area. As well, the rubber is thicker and thus the whole mat is heavier; this prevents the mats from moving around easily.

Maintain its shape overtime

The rubber back is molded in the shape of the pattern, diamond or square pattern. As such, the mat will maintain its original shape overtime. If maintained regularly, this mat will last for about 3-4 years.

Square pattern

The HeavyDuty mat is available in waffle pattern. This offers the users a scraping function, resulting in clean and safe facilities.

Simple cleaning

We make the purchasing process easy, why not the cleaning process too. You can simply vacuum or steam clean the mats. DON’T put them on laundry machine and DON’T use bleach!

No Setup Fee   •   No Artwork Charge   •   7-Day Production

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